The Baking Nanna

Hi! My name is Jackie but I am better known as The Baking Nanna 😁 I co-run a baking community on social media called the  #TwitterBakeAlong that encourages people to get in the kitchen and bake ❤️ I also do live bakealong’s on social media and you may have seen me at the Bolton Food Festival.

I feel so honored to have been asked to be one of 24 people to do my take on the traditional mince pie 😁 I am known for my love of making cupcakes so if you bid on my bake that’s exactly what I will be making you! 12 of my mince pie cupcakes which are almond sponges filled with homemade mincemeat, topped with a brandy buttercream, fondant decorations and a bit of edible sparkle to get you into that Christmas spirit